ArcherBatching Controls

Archer Batching Optimization


Batching Optimization

Achieve faster batching cycles and more consistent material weights with Archer’s three-step optimization process.


We analyze your plant setup

We will give you detailed cost-benefit analysis

We work with you side by side on your upgrade

We provide training to ensure no downtime

Analyze Plant Setup

Analyze Plant Setup

  • Plant is monitored during typical daily operations
  • Cycle-times of critical production phases recorded
  • Inbound materials
  • Feeding the plant
  • Batch weights
  • Discharge rates
  • Recommended changes and adjustments suggested
  • Detailed cost-benefit analysis provided to justify possible investment

Implement Improvements

JONEL works with your operations management team to implement the initiatives that improve plant production.

Implement Improvements

  • Minor plant adjustments
    Jonel will work with your team to design and manage any required changes.

  • New control panels
    Jonel will design custom control panels that will maximize capacity of the individual plant.

  • Observation
    Production is observed immediately after implementation to ensure that all roadblocks are identified and removed.
Maintain Exceptional Performance

Maintain Exceptional Performance

We work with you on an on-going basis to ensure that the plant does not slow down over time. When required, plant-specific training is provided for your Plant Manager and your Operations Manager.