Concrete Tech Solutions

Batching Controls to Business Intelligence, JONEL innovates new ways to create better results for your concrete products.

Who is Jonel?

Long Standing Experience

With 60 years in the industry, our customer receives unparalleled experience where year after year we provide stability in a market with uncertainty. This proven reliability, coupled with trusted reliability and multi-generational values, has earned Jonel enduring relationships with long-term clients.

Reliable Customer Service

Our goal isn't just to make a sale for the sake of gaining market share. We're experienced experts who want to build a strong connection with you and become a valuable part of your team. Our dedication shows in how quickly we respond, how skilled we are, and how we offer personalized help that fits your specific needs.

Tested & Reliable Products

Our business logic has undergone years of rigorous testing, resulting in rapid evolution. From older architecture to cutting-edge solutions. We don't engaging in experimentation; instead, we implement tried-and-tested solutions that are smoothly transitioning and evolving into new technology.

When you have a job of this magnitude, every load has to be batched within tolerance and as quickly as possibleā€¦The Jonel systems that we use... are fast, accurate... something we can count on.

Steve Lode, Senior Operations Manager for CalPortland
Guinness World Record for Largest Continuous Concrete Pour
New Wilshire Grand - Los Angeles, CA